Identifying Risk Factors of Pregnancy, Diagnosing and Treating

🌟All expecting parents🤰 want the Best Outcome for Pregnancy.
👉🏻As the field of medicine is evolving, there is a shift from “Diagnosing and Treating Risk Factors of Pregnancy” medical problems to “identifying Risk Factors of Pregnancy and intervening” and thereby preventing a medical problem.
The same rule is suitable for Fetal medicine as well.
👉🏻Several conditions can occur in the foetus and the mother that can be recognized early in pregnancy at about the third month, and that’s why the NT-NB scan is essential.
👉🏻Screening for chromosomal abnormalities -especially Down’s syndrome is performed between 11 weeks to 13 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.
🎯The test involves a scan called the NT-NB scan, and a blood test called the double marker test, performed on the mother at 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy.
🎯The scan is performed to look for markers of chromosomal abnormalities.
These are- NT- Nuchal translucency which is the fluid thickness at the back of the neck of the baby, NB- nasal bone, a bone found at the root of the nose

  • This is the first scan for a detailed evaluation of the baby.
  • It’s done to see nuchal fold thickness and nasal bone.
  • These days when imaging and machines have evolved so much, NT NB Scan is not limited to evaluating these two things only.
  • Much more information can be obtained from this scan
  • We can check ductus venous flow which is a connection between the maternal and fetal circulation
  • Heart is evaluated by checking for any tricuspid valve regurgitation, even heart chambers can also be seen.
  • The brain is evaluated for any congenital malformation.
  • Hands and feet are also checked whether there is any deformities.
  • Chest and abdomen are evaluated for any defect or congenital malformation.
  • We find out about the number of vessels in the umbilical cord which connect foetus to the mother.
  • The spine is checked for any gross malformation

Apart from all of these we also calculate the risk of pre-eclampsia and diabetes in the mother, chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus and future risk of fatal growth retardation.

👉🏻What we offer at Spectra Imaging & Diagnostic Center for expecting parents –
✅ NT Scan
✅Anomaly Scan
✅ Advanced 3D 4D Sonography
✅Fetal Echo
✅ Fetal growth and Doppler Scan

🎯We at Spectra Imaging and Diagnostic Center use Advanced Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems.

👉🏻Advantage of getting your Pregnancy Sonography done at Spectra Imaging

🎯Senior Radiologist with more than 13 years of experience
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🎯Clean and Hygienic environment
🎯Advance machine
🎯You can have a look at your developing baby during the Ultrasound

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